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If you’re looking to buy bitcoin online, you’ve found the fastest and simplest way available! We accept both MasterCard and Visa in amounts from $100 to $20,000 a week! Using, we are able to keep transactions secure and fast!

Important: Your first order will need to be verified through your identity. This process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. This is a one-time process, so any transactions after that will only take minutes!

Shopping online for bitcoin just got easier.

Just like any other online shopping site, your transactions are secure, confidential, and quick!

  • Fast Turnaround: As soon as payment is tendered, we get your order prepped and shipped!
  • Safe: collects your credit card data through an HTTPS webpage that uses SSL and encrypts all of your information. It is never stored, and it is always transmitted directly to your bank!
  • Anonymity: We never collect your information. All transactions go through, and all of your information stays confidential.

  • Privacy: Your statement will show your online payment as “Simplex_Paybis payment“
  • Limitless: Make quick payments as many times as you want up to $20,000 per week!
  • Efficient: We have very low payment fees compared to our competitors! We only charge 5% + $10 per transaction!

Once you are at the Order Confirmation Page, fill out your details and choose the “CREDIT CARD” option for payment.

Once you have chosen your delivery method, we will validate your order and give you a unique payment/bitcoin address to copy and paste into!

Important: Only use each “bitcoin address” one time!

Log-in to or create a new account if you don’t already have one. You will need to provide with a photo of your ID if you haven’t used them before.

As an additional security measure, will never share your information!

Enter your order amount given in the confirmation page in the “Amount you receive” category in dollars. Then paste your unique address in the “Your Bitcoin address” category!

Click “Continue and fill in the credit card information for the owner of the card.

Once the payment has been verified, the money will be delivered to us in bitcoin and your order will be validated and shipped in 12 working hours!

Order with us today!

We have been serving customers since 2014. Receive your order within 72 hours!